Updates for Engine Prime

Hello all,

My name is DJ JerzMic and have a question about the updates for Engine Prime software. I have gone on the website and I’m having problems locating exactly where it is I’m suppose to go. I have the original firmware and software from in which i downloaded when i first purchased my SC5000 and X1800. But I’m having the hardest time finding the updates in which are needed. All possible help will be appreciated.


As far as I am aware there have not been any updates to Engine Prime so far. Still the original released version is the one to use.

The players and mixer have new firmware but still nothing for Prime I believe.


I thank you for your response but then I keep hearing about this 1.0.3 update, what is that all about? I saw a youtube video where DJ Spin City(i believe that was his name) had the same equipment I have and was talking about this version for an update.

That’s probably the firmware for the units themselves and not the Prime software.

Okay so how do I go about getting the updates for the units? Can’t seem to find them and I guess that is what I need for the units.

Half way down this page. There’s also a thread on this forum that’s probably worth reading before you update.