Updated Windows Driver

Hi Everyone,

Today we released an updated Windows driver for the MC6000MK2 v1.0.3. This release updates the driver to use our latest code and addresses blue screen issues. Also includes an updated driver panel, with new graphics and support for 4K displays. You can download the latest driver from our downloads page below.



Hi @JWiLL, can i just confirm that this is correct driver? Says Ver 1.0.1 not 1.0.3 at the top and i’ve just downloaded it from the link provided.



The driver at this link says its version 1.0.1, your post says its 1.0.3

Which is it?

Can you please update me by email truxmobile@gmail.com @JWiLL

Hi @TedMC6000mk2,

Thank you for the heads up! There was a file mixup on our side. We have corrected the issue and updated the link on the download page.

Here is a direct DL link for driver v1.0.3: DOWNLOAD

Thanks again!

How is the new driver working for everyone? No errors yet for me, but have had a few audio dropouts (only a fraction of a second at a time though).

It updated to version 2.0, but I still can’t get my mixer to update.