Update of firmware from v1.1.1 to v1.2 failed

After trying to update firmware from v1.1.1 to v1.2 the X1800 mixer is unusable. Something was going wrong during update and now all lights starting in the top left hand corner moving to bottom right hand. The update was done from my MBP with sleep mode turned off.

Tested to re-install the firmware several times with no success. This is tested with windows and Mac computers several times with the same result. The updater program sends data and I have waited hours after it finished before manual restart of mixer. It looks like the mixer stops to receiving data after a few seconds and the mixer shows the message “Restart X1800” in the display.

This is the result: 1. I Press the buttons BACK + FX CUE + TAP 2. I Power on the X1800 while holding the 3 button combination above. 3. The display will show “ Update Firmware?” - OK / CANCEL ” 4. I Select OK 5. The displays shows ”Update, DSP Recover” 6. After a few seconds the display shows ”DONE, RESTART X1800”

Also tested to do factory reset but the mixer just freeze after that.

And yes I have done firmware updates before on the unit and are very familiar with this type of operations as I have worked as soft/hardware designer/tester in many years with similar and more complex systems.

I have filed a support request and is awaiting response from Denon DJ as my mixer is unusable.

Images and movies here

Hi @DjEric, sorry you are experiencing this problem. My best suggestion is to call your local Denon DJ customer support who will be able to talk you through getting this fixed.

You can find our global numbers here: https://www.denondj.com/support

I hope you get this resolved very soon.

Regards Jay

Did you follow this:

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yes, tested this several times with no success.

Hi @DjEric, have you had a chance to contact customer support yet? There are numbers linked in this link: https://www.denondj.com/support

thank you

Not yet, have late work today so I am not able to do any calls right now.

Hi @DjEric, I am not sure what exactly is happening.

What is happening after this step? Have you powered off and on again your X1800 after that? What screen does the display show, then?

Your video AfterUpdate.mp4 shows exactly what I was faced to on my X1800 when using an apperently incompatible computer (see Cannot update firmware from v1.1.1 to v1.2). In order to verify if you have a similar problem, it would help to know which states the updater utility on you computer is going through.

The solution for me was to use another computer. I had to go through the following steps (I cannot remember them exactly, so there might be steps missing):

  1. Initially, my X1800 freezed in the “Data Receiving” state when using my incompatible computer. After powering my X1800 is in the state like in your video AfterUpdate.mp4
  2. power off the X1800
  3. Press and hold BACK​ + FX​ ​CUE​ + TAP, power on X1800, go through the steps on the X1800 display. I.e. commit all questions until it does not go any further.
  4. I am not sure if I had to repeat step 3 (the procedure should be different on each cycle). This will get your device out off the firmware upgrade procedure.

continue with the regular update procedure (see also X1800 not updating, wont restart automatically):

  1. Connect the X1800 PRIME to your computer via USB​ ​port​ ​1​.
  2. Press and hold BACK​ + FX​ ​CUE​ + TAP.

Thanks for this @Capsicum, we’ve now built in all step-by-step instructions into the updater app so it will walk you through each step :slight_smile:

@DjEric, What you just stated, freaked me out when I witness the issue 2 days ago myself. I was thinking “did I brick my mixer!!!” Snap!!! But I had success. Let me tell you and others what I did. The steps by steps instructions Jay_DenonDj mention is correct but one thing you need to do is wait until the mixer is ready to accept the firmware update. Example: When do The BACK+FX+TAP, at the same time, powering on the mixer. You need to confirm the update “OK” and the mixer go into deleting the current version. (In a visual perceptive, let channel one and two finish processing) -The beginning of the update will be going down from the blue clip vu light to the vu light -20 on both channel. Key - you have to let the channels finish before start the software/firmare. When the channels are prompt with 2 vu color lines then start the software/firmware update from your computer. Success.

Just a small update. The mixer is sent back for repair and they didn’t manage to do firmware update. Now I am waiting for more information.

Hey DjEric, any update on getting your mixer updated? I have the exact issue you have described.

I had to send it in for repair and they replaced 2 PCB inside the mixer. It is back and works.

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