Update issues

So I’m trying to update my x1850 from v. 1.2 to 1.3 and when I download the update to my computer and I open the file , I give access to my computer to allow the file to be opened, it’s a opens a new windows but it’s blank, the window. That’s supposed to show me the steps to updating the mixer but nothing appears just a blank mini window. I’ve tried refreshing the page, and reopening a new window for the download but I got nothing, and now the mixer is stuck on the light show mode when you boot it up, if anyone could help I would appreciate it thank you.

What operating system are You running? Is that a M1 macbook?

No, I’m using a 2019 MacBook Pro

You updated to Big sur?

yes, I updated a while ago when Denon gave the go ahead that you could and I updated my sc6000’s soon after and everything went ok but im having an issue with the x1850, its either stuck in the light show mode or when I try to factory reset it, the mixer is just frozen…

Hm… maybe the x1850 updater is not correctly running on the big sur. do You have another computer available to give it a try? Maybe a windows pc from a friend?

I don’t but I will look around and see if anyone does until then I really appreciate your help and get back to this with whatever happens thank you.

Great, try and let us know if other computer made it.

They don’t have an updater for big sur.

I alway have a version of Windows on my Mac just for occasions like this.

Just what I thought… I still have x1800, so I wasn’t 100% sure about the x1850 updater, but seems to be the same - big sur - big problem…