Update 1.3.2 don’t work

update my P4 via usb all right the only problem came after the update of the mixer could not be done so now absolutely nothing of all the buttons of the mixer works or the view I can not enter the menu I need help please…Here is the link of the video that I uploaded to YouTube…https://youtu.be/W1KBgdqy7jQ

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this is my problem! How do I fix it?

Press and hold the eject button while powering on, that will make the P4 go into update mode. Then update via computer/blue cable. Hope that helps you.

They succeeded. with the combination you have the menu for refresh. but you are upgrading to 1.3.2 or 1.4.0, you still miss the mixer 01.21. can i find a basic first frimware that can have this?

I have 1.3.2 and have the same problem as well. We need some denondj staff to start posting some help over here, and soon.

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yes, i just bought this prime 4 and having all these questions and I dont see any staff here commenting

Just contact your local denon support department

This forum doesn’t have a regular staff monitor, only staff that announce when updates or beta testing is started, that sort of thing

Oh really?

Don’t know about other forums, but I think they’re quite active.

It’s been a few days since anyone with “Staff” in their forum title posted. That’s the basis of my timing comment.

Also you and I both replied to this guys post before any staff did

I spose it’s all down to what you call “regular”

The first post of monchisthedj needs to be approved, so 7 hours ago. :sunglasses:

Welcome to the forum @monchisthedj btw!

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Hi @monchisthedj - sorry to hear of the difficulty. I believe the answer to your question is provided above. Although, based on the information at hand, I’m not quite sure what the actual problem is.

Basically, try to update the firmware again using the computer update process to see if that resolves the issue.

Download the latest updater here: www.denondj.com/downloads

Download earlier versions here: https://www.denondj.com/downloads-archives#prime4/

Just as a tip, you may want to include a bit more detail in your post, “don’t work” and “having all these questions” both lack any description of the actual problem.

For example a better post would look something like, “After successfully updating the PRIME 4 from v1.3.2 to v1.4 via USB stick, the device starts up with an error on the display, the error says…”

The more detail you provide from the start the easier it will be for someone to identify the problem and offer assistance.

Let us know if you still have trouble after updating. The community and staff are happy to help.


“Your local denon support group” lol. And where do I find that?

@monchisthedj - You’re in the right place. Are you experiencing this issue?

The problem is that engine prime won’t open in my computer. It just makes a “ding” noise when I press the icon to open the software. I uninstalled and installed it many times and still no luck. After installing my computer says “installation complete” I’m on El Capitan version. Could this be the issue? I just installed the sata hard drive and I want to start loading it with music.

Hi @monchisthedj - This thread is about PRIME 4 1.3.2 updating trouble. Are you no longer having the issue you mentioned above?

If you are experiencing problems with Engine Prime, please do so in the Engine Prime area. I am not trying make things difficult but the forum has categories to keep things organized for all users.

I’m trying to get to the root of the problem. I don’t know if it’s an update issue or what. definitely not trying to jump into the wrong forums.

I understand. Are you still having trouble with PRIME 4 or just Engine Prime?