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I’ve seen plenty of posts on here about unsupported files on mcx8000 but I can’t seem to find the answer I’m looking for. So there are some files that won’t play on mcx8000 but according to engine prime are compatible. I’ve checked bit rate and sample rate and are both within the parameter. The ones that won’t play are 44hz and most of my music is mp3. So basically I can play it on engine prime through laptop but once I insert my USB into controller the message unsupported file comes up. Just to reiterate 95% of my music works fine.

Googling the term “MCX8000 supported files” would have given you an answer much quicker than posting here…

At the bottom of the page https://www.denondj.com/kb/2426/

Engine prime as a piece of software is great at reading lots of different types of files. It’s File support abilities match any of the Prime SC, Go and Prime 2 / Prime 2 models

The 8000 isn’t completely a prime model, and doesn’t support all the file types that engine prime software does. Especially things like variable bit rate - also I think the 8000 is still touchy about oversized album art and odd characters in tags - you could try deleting the tags on the problem files and re-typing them if all the bit rates and sample frequencies look ok

So, you can have audio files which engine prime supports, which the 8000 doesn’t support

…which is why there’s a “compatibility” column in Engine Prime specifically to show this (garnered from the above link).

OK thanks but I’m obviously not a geek or whizz kid like yourself. Google is not always the answer

Maybe not always, but it’s one of the first steps you should take. Chances are, if you have an issue with something, someone else has had the same issue or they’ll be some helpful information around.

Yep, knowing how to use Google is the height of being a Geek/Whizz kid :+1:

I did check Google and that link you sent me I’ve seen before. To be honest I’m not sure if you know the answer, as you haven’t really explained anything to me just basically said I should no the answer.

I think it’s been explained perfectly clearly. The MCX8000 is an older Denon product, released before Engine Prime or any of the Prime series hardware.

Therefore, Engine Prime is not designed for the MCX8000. It’s designed for the Prime series, which don’t necessarily have the same file type restrictions that the earlier product may have.

Put yet another way, the EP software may well accept the files - because it’s mainly for the Prime series.

That does not guarantee the files will be compatible with the MCX8000, which was only added to EP at a later date, because people moaned about not being able to use their old product with the new software.

Enable the ‘compatibility’ column in EP to check which files will work with the MCX8000.

So I will repeat again. All my files are compatible. The mcx8000 compatibility column is on and all the tracks have the dot which claims they are compatible

You’re not repeating it. You didn’t give us that information in the first place!

All you said was that “according to engine prime” they’re compatible. You didn’t mention that you had the compatibility column enabled.

You also haven’t told us what format (exactly) the non-working files are in. All you said is that most of your music is mp3, and that bit rate & sample rate are “within the parameter”. Which parameter? The MCX8000 supported formats?

Be specific. Give us an example of one file that the MCX8000 rejects. What format is it? Extension, bit rate, sample rate - everything.

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I said most of my music is mp3. The only other format I have is wav. The sample and bit rate is within the parameters

I give up. If you’re not prepared to give info when people ask for it, no one will be able to help you.

Appreciate your help

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