Unstable history buildup and track played marking on player two after 1.2

Dont know if allready reported but since the 1.2 update lots of things have been fixed wich made me so superhappy and some little minor issues came up that still need fixing but i found another little minor thing thats a bit unhandy. The played track green marking seems inconsistent after the update, and also the saved history is incomplete. Seems to me like a networking thing but more likely something fixable in a future update. Oh and there is no after gig sync any more. But that has allready been reported.


Me too. However, I assumed it wasn’t working previously since I didn’t bother looking at any of that stuff prior to 1.2. You basically needed one drive per player to see everything in the database back then, anyway. It is both likely a networking issue and likely something fixable in a future update.