Unplugged for 10 second

i try to unplugged the power like the video and i got only 5 second and the player going off !!! why suppose to be 10 second right.

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LOL, I’m sorry. What’s the real difference between 5 or 10 second. Where you planning to make this option as a transition in your mixes, if you got the whole 10 seconds? Just think, some young guy says to a friend. I saw the baddest dj at this club last night, who while playing his set, pulled the power cord to his gear for 10 second and plug the cord back in on beat. It was the most craziest thing I ever saw and the crowd went nuts.

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lololololololol thanks for the laugh. Very refreshing and just what I needed.

If you’re using a HDD plugged into the SC5000 it probably draines the remaining power quicker.

I try with usb stick and i try with ssd sansdisk same thing for both !!

In the pre-production firmware there was the very showy big red screen, giant numbers giving a countdown etc and the music kept on playing …

It was felt that it would be much better if the unit used its Super capacitor technology to instead, perform a safe shutdown and eject of any USB media that was connected to the player. So, in firmware 1.0 which was the version used in all the production units, the big red screen and giant 10 second. Countdown was replaced by an onscreen icon in the top left corner of the screen which appears when the incoming power is lost and denotes when the player is performing a safe eject of the media.

USB media differs in how long it needs for a safe USB eject, as different media uses cache memory differently. some Solid State technology knows it’s better to write less frequency to the drive and so will often “store up” what could have been lots of individual writes, into one big, long write. A very full SSD could take longer than a Hard disk drive to finish writing data. For this reason, its best to use the emergency power handling capabilities of the SC5000 super capacitor as an emergency option only.

By the way, have a. Google on “Super capacitor” it’s great technology compared to a rechargeable battery or older power backup options.


Whilst I miss the big red warning screen, I agree that this is a better use of tech - as not safely ejecting media can result in corrupted libraries

I do have one suggestion - the new icon that pops up is small enough that you may not notice it. The big red screen was very effective at letting you know you actually had a serious problem about to happen. lol I agree with how you’ve prioritized the shutdown sequence, but the return of some sort of red screen would be good to really catch the DJs eye before it’s too late.


My suggestion would be that the whole background turns red (or a blinking flash red). In this way all the on screen data is present and you get a real good visual feedback that something is wrong