Unordered Serato Crate Import in Engine Prime

Hey guys,

This is my setup:

  • MacBook 15‘ Late 2013 (latest macOS)
  • SeratoDJ (latest version)
  • Engine Prime (latest version)
  • SC5000 (version 1.2)
  • X1800 (version 1.1.1)

Problem description: I went for the SC5000 instead of the CDJ2000NXS2 (bought them last week). I already had my first set and they felt great (even though I must say that sometimes the beatgrid for easy 4x4 house tracks gets analyzed incorrectly). While importing my Serato crates I noticed that the contents of the individual crates are not ordered in any way. Unfortunately I used to sort my crates in a specific way in Serato and would like to get his sorting back into Engine Prome without doing it again.

Is there something I am missing? I would be really happy to receive your guys feedback.

Best regards, Nicolas

Hi Nicolas, In Engine Prime you can order by any column by clicking on the header in the library view (click again to reverse).

Once you have imported into the Engine Prime playlists from Serato crate there is a column on the left which is the default order taken from Serato which should order your tracks as you had them

I hope this helps.

Anyone got any idea on this one? How can I import my crates into Engine Prime so they appear in the same order like in Serato?

Hi Jay,

Thanks for getting back to me. I was expecting the behaviour you described would be the case, but unfortunately it is not :-/ It seems we’ve got a bug here. Please see the screenshots, to see what I mean. BTW: Just to overcome any issues I have completely reinstalled Engine Prime (v.1.2.0) and Serato is running in version 2.0.3.

I am wondering that no one else mentioned this issue yet. Can you reproduce the issue I am seeing? (tested on two MacBooks). (correct order) (wrong order)

Best, Nicolas

Yes I can see that’s not working for sure for you.

I organise mine playlists in iTunes, manually sort them. From here I open them in Serato and Engine Prime and they are following that manually made order from iTunes.

Either way, there’s clearly something thats not going on right for you so I’d say we need to escalate to the support team. You can create a ticket here and explain what’s going on and they will be able to help you:

Sorry I couldn’t help in here but I’m confident you’ll get resolved with the support team.

All the best. J

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Thank you for your help.

I have opened a case for this and some other issues. Let’s see if we can get this fixed.

It would also be nice if the synchronisation would be enhanced. Currently my main library remains Serato (as sometimes - because of different equipment - you still need to use Serato to control a CDJ via DVS or a controller / depending on the club and location you play at). So that means whenever I download and analyse a new track (including tagging, cue point setting, etc) I will add it to my Serato library first and from there move it into some of the Serato crates for sorting.

To sync up those changes with EP I always need to resync the FULL Serato library and for me with around 12K songs this takes hours (even if I only added like 20 - 30 new songs to my Serato library and only changed 2 - 3 crates). To overcome this I’d rather be able to only sync what is new (EP could build hashes for each of the Serato crates and DB file and only sync those files that have changed OR EP could always hold a copy of the old crate / DB file and do a diff like you can do in GIT or Linux and then only sync the changes), which would speed things up a ton. Then I’d also like to see that EP would know if a crate / playlist has been imported from Serato / Traktor / etc., so that it would be able to offer the possibility to update an imported crate once EP starts up or by using a button that gives the user the ability to update the imported EP crate with the original crate that resides in Serato / Traktor / etc.

This would make the integration a whole lot better for people that are note only using Engine Prime as currently the sync is more of a one time sync to move things over. I guess the future lies in software that is integrating with other software, which EP is doing already a lot better than other DJ software but I doubt that we are already there, where everyone is only using EP and I am quite sure that we will never ever get there in the future that all DJs will only use one vendor as clubs and bars will always have different setups…:slight_smile:

What do you think about this?

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Hey Nicolas, some great points here which I’ll pass on.

Hey Jay,

really glad to hear that. Thanks for taking it with you.

I might be able to help with the coding if needed as I guess you guys are totally busy by all the RFEs you get right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Greetings from Germany, Nicolas

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