Understanding the FX banks

I’m still new to mixing and have a limited understanding of effects and the parameter controllers. Is there a video or can somebody explain in depth what is going on when I adjust “frequency” and “feedback/decay”. Wet/dry I think I have a solid understanding of. It’s just how often you want the effect to repeat which is why it has a beat up and down button. Everything I’ve found so far has been heavily centered around Serato and Pioneer. Thanks for the help Denon Community🙏🏻

a video for the fx is there:

and a short explain:

the frequency is on what sound the fx is playing on … lower frequencies for fx on bass higher frequencies for fx on hihats or vocals.

the feedback means how much of the original sound will be added (you can think about a feedpackloop of your microphone if you get to close at your speakers … so closer you are, so higher the feedback).

decay is - how fast the effect will get to zero

wet/dry is the amount of energy you give your effect. dry … low energy - no effect wet … much energy … effect really loud :slight_smile: