[UNDER REVIEW] Update Missing Artwork / Still Runs EP 1.3.2. Public

Engine Prime 1.3.2 Public Release

Windows 10

When opening EP the Update Missing Artwork still runs.


Does this happen every time you open Engine Prime?

Does it happen without running any other task in Engine Prime?

Yes. Every time EP is opened it does this scan for checking artwork.

Same here and after it finishes the update artwork, the artwork is still missing from a lot of tracks.

To clarify, can you confirm you are experiencing the two separate issues below?

  • Track has Album Artwork attached to metadata but is not imported into Engine Prime.
  • Update Missing Artwork Process runs automatically on launch of application.

@Jayos, what OS are you running?

This is the only problem I experience with this issue.

Running ASUS ROG, Windows 10 64bit, Intel i7, 24GB Ram

Both issues are happening.

When Engine Prime application starts it runs the “Update Missing Artwork” and ALL tracks in my iTunes ENGINE Folders/Playlist have track artwork attached to metadata, but it is not importing the artwork to Engine Prime 1.3.2

The same iTunes Folders/Playlists worked perfect on import in 1.3.1

I’ve tried uninstalling & reinstalling the app plus rebuilding my Engine Database (Delete Engine Folder from “My Music” but still the same issue.

Wait wait wait, EP will update artwork? Then how come I’m missing oodles oodles of the ■■■■…

I don’t use ITunes but I do have a Windows Laptop as well and I didn’t see any artwork issues with Serato import.