[UNDER REVIEW] Unsupported file type bug

Hi @bayozi,

Are you running the latest firmware version v2.1? http://cdn.inmusicbrands.com/denondj/18/MCX8000_Firmware_v2.1.zip

Please send any tracks that this happens with.

Next time you file a report, please use the template otherwise the report will be rejected.


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Hi, @JWiLL yes I am using the latest version on the link. I will send you the tracks. template I’m sorry I’ll be more careful.

ok, thank you for confirming the latest firmware version.

Hi, @JWiLL Link https://wetransfer.com/downloads/2b5387fd18a8514f04388325f2c0677c20190604055005/094ab725d54d

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Files received. Thank you.

You’re welcome, good work.

I have a similar problem that I already published here

Yes, they’re trying to fix it. Estimated Coming Soon bug fix version release

What encoding profile the m4a files are? Sometimes, if the encoding setting are set to variabile bitrate at 320 kbps, some applications reject the files as incompatible, because if you set a variable bitrate of 320 kbps, in fact the real maximum bitrate can exceed 320 kbps. The MCX8000 hardware is capable of playing your files raw, but if they are run through Engine Prime it is possible to be rejected as incompatible.