[UNDER REVIEW] Traktor imports show 0 tracks / Tracks show as missing

I keep all my music for gigs on an external SSD drive. I followed the instructions for converting/importing my Traktor DB and playlists to Engine Prime but it always shows the tracks in red and “missing”. I’ve verified that the Traktor DB is current and has no missing files. Everything plays fine in all my playlists in Traktor.

Is this a bug in Engine prime? Does it not support SSD drives?

Sorry you’re having issues with importing your Traktor library to Engine Prime. Perhaps the NML file you’re loading in Engine Prime isn’t the correct version?

Try exporting a new NML file from Traktor and importing that into Engine Prime to see if it fixes the issue.

Give it a unique name, not the default $COLLECTION title just so you’re absolutely sure you’re loading the correct NML file.