[UNDER REVIEW] Tidal black track in mini browser

Tidal sometimes returns a black field in the minibrowser when track loads. See image…

  • Beta Version: Prime 4 1.4 beta 1

  • Steps to Reproduce:

  • Prime 4 on tidal
  • run search
  • load track from mini browser
  • not sure what more, but I will update once I figure it out
  • Expected Result: See all tracks in mini browser

  • Actual Result: The track the Prime 4 is working on is and remains black in the mini browser

  • Reproducibility: Happened 3 times so far

  • Additional Notes: And don’t mind the search results because a kiddo was playing there :smiley:

Prime4 sees your kid (you haven’t noticed the onboard webcam?) and shows results accordingly. The black bar probably was the “2 Live Crew”.



Hey Addie, We haven’t been able to reproduce this in our labs yet. Do you have any additional info on what you were doing at the time when this happened?

We DO gray out tracks that are in TIDAL’s database, but are unavailable in the selected region. Just a guess, but If you do run into this again, could you run the same search on your computer and see if there is a song where the black bar is?

The song is certainly playable and available. I can’t reproduce it. Maybe something to do with a double load and analysis at same time, not sure. When analyzed it seems it can’t be recreated again. When I performed some another searches and search again it was back to normal.

Also had it only 3 times yesterday, but never returned back