[UNDER REVIEW] Serato imported grids occasionally load a couple beats off causing visual glitches

  • Engine OS Device: SC5000

  • Beta Version: V1.6

  • Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Import a song from Serato.
  2. Export song to USB stick without any prior loading/touching in Engine
  3. Load song on player
  • Expected Result: Beat grid should start at same spot as indicated in Serato.

  • Actual Result: Sometimes the grid is pushed forward by a couple beats. Resulting in visual glitches where the OS will continually generate the beatgrid on the screen. Moving backwards in a track will cause the bar numbers to overlap.

  • Reproducibility: Random. But happens semi often while playing.

  • Additional Notes: Usually when this happens, I can load a different song and come back to the same song which fixes the issue.

  • Link to Video Repro: https://youtu.be/i95SG-V_K9A

EDIT: Added video, notice how the grid starts generating at the 7th cue point position. And how reloading the tracks suddenly fixes it.

hmmm … i had this glitch on my prime 4, too … but only on slow bpm tracks (R&B) Tracks. Thought it could have to do, with its tempo. but as I see you have the glitch at 128 bpm,too … so … hmmm

nice find … is a bug imo.

There is something up with the Serato beatgrid import. I have noticed another issue as well here

It affects both Engine OS and Engine Prime.

If i import the tracks directly from files (not using the serato import function) the tracks, beatgrid etc works fine

A convertation bug. Engine Prime reads but convert it not in the right way. (just like dutch and german … we can understand a bit but not all :wink: )

Thank you for taking the time to provide this bug report.

We will investigate and let you know if we need any further details.

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