[UNDER REVIEW] Prime go deck 2 freeze

  • **Engine OS Device: Prime go

  • **Beta Version: 1.6 beta2 public

  • **Steps to Reproduce: start up Go. Login to Beatsource, load track deck 1 and 2.Start playing deck a1 no problems, start playing or cueing deck 2, won’t play. Tried beatport and from usb, deck 2 won’t start.

  • **Expected Result: deck 2 should play

  • **Actual Result: won’t play

  • **Reproducibility: first time thats happened

  • **Additional Notes

  • **Link to Video Repro:

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I had this happen once as well after updating to OS1.5.2

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Thank you for taking the time to provide this bug report.

We will investigate and let you know if we need any further details.

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I also had this bug yesterday on 1.5.2. Only on deck 2. It was resolved after restarting the device. I loaded a track, but it would not play and I could not use vinyl mode to scratch either.