[UNDER REVIEW] Prime go deck 2 freeze

  • **Engine OS Device: Prime go

  • **Beta Version: 1.6 beta2 public

  • **Steps to Reproduce: start up Go. Login to Beatsource, load track deck 1 and 2.Start playing deck a1 no problems, start playing or cueing deck 2, won’t play. Tried beatport and from usb, deck 2 won’t start.

  • **Expected Result: deck 2 should play

  • **Actual Result: won’t play

  • **Reproducibility: first time thats happened

  • **Additional Notes

  • **Link to Video Repro:

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I had this happen once as well after updating to OS1.5.2


Thank you for taking the time to provide this bug report.

We will investigate and let you know if we need any further details.

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I also had this bug yesterday on 1.5.2. Only on deck 2. It was resolved after restarting the device. I loaded a track, but it would not play and I could not use vinyl mode to scratch either.

Had the same problem. I sent it in and got a replacement unit.

I have had this happen since upgrading to 1.5.2

Only on Deck 2.

Happened three times in one hour this morning.

Rebooting the unit is the only way to resolve the issue. Not ideal.

Please look into this and do something about it with an update.


Lots of people reporting this issue with the Go now.

Some new posts on the official Denon Facebook page about it.

Basically, it’s very random. Load a track into Deck B and it freezes. Hot Cue doesn’t start the track. The Play/Pause button stays solid green but there’s no playback. Waveform doesn’t move. Loading another track into the deck results in the same issue.

Only way to get it working again is to reboot the unit.

As said, it’s a random error. Can go hours without it occurring and then the next time you use the unit it happens.

I’ve only had my Go for two weeks and it’s happened 6 times.

I just want to be confident in my gear and for it to work as it is intended to work.

Please Denon, sort this out quickly.

Hi just received my prime go yesterday and downloaded the latest firmware and now the deck 2 keeps freezing. Only way I can fix it is by turning the unit off. Will there be a fix to this soon or should I send the unit back?

Happens on 1.5.2 also. Only happened twice but you could say two times too many. I am sure a fix will come.

Same issue x2 on Win10. Reboots were needed. Finally updated to 1.6 Beta. Not occurring any more.