[UNDER REVIEW] Major drifting using the SC5000m with Serato DJ

I can’t believe this is only now getting figured out. I had 2 Rane tWelves that I sent back because I was having this exact problem and at the time Serato never got back to me so I returned both units.

I’m hopeful the fix is coming soon ?

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@mufasa I have been using Serato the last couple of days and 95% of the time the tracks have been staying locked together with and without sync. Ive been testing before I wanted to post this up!

I don’t get it because Serato just messaged me the other day and said they are working on it and will notify me when its available.

Maybe its a random issue and not present all the time? im stumped. for the last 3 days ive been using Serato for hours upon hours and its been good.

Wow. Not sure what to think now.

How are you connected?

Hub? Directly?

Ive got a 15 MacBook Pro mid 2015 model i7 16GB of RM and Im using an External SSD the same one I use for prime.

Ive got a sabrent USB 3.0 Hub (Not Powered) I have the USB from the mixer and each player plugged into that and then the hub into my MacBook. my other USB port is where I have my External SSD plugged into. (SSD Samsung T5) Runing Serato DJ Pro 2.3.2 64bit

Thats it nothing special lol Your still having problems on Serato DJ 2.3.2??

I have 2017 MacBook Pro 15” 2.9ghz i7 16gb RAM 4gb GPU

Music is on an external SSD as well (which I use with both Serato and Engine - depending on gig requirement)

The SC5000Ms are connected to an individual USB port on a UGreen USB C hub

The mixer (X1800 or S9) is connected to a port on the UGreen hub as well.

I have tried various combinations (daisy chain the players via the usb hub they have, connect each piece directly to laptop- I’ve 4 ports on the laptop)

It just drifts when manually matched, it falls out of sync when using sync as well.

Yeah im not sure, How old are your players? are you on 1.4.1? and also do they stay in time with each other with prime?

Another thing you could try is to see if each player stays true to the tempo with an outside source like hook up your phone to the mixer and play a song, and play the same song on each of your players get them beat matched perfectly and see if the player stays in time with the song from your outside device… This will tell you that each player is true to its speed.

I know someone else had an issue where his 5000m’s were not staying in sync with each other and I suggested the same method to figure out which player was not keeping the speed. Its a good test I did it the other day just to see if they were true and they were.

I would do it just for sh** and giggles.

November 2018

Yup both on Firmware 1.4.1 (9683dec) SC5000M controller Version 00.29

No problem with them staying beatmatched in standalone

Sync works perfect in standalone as well.

I will try this lol.

Yeah its just a good baseline to see, once you know that test passes perfectly then without a doubt its not the players.

Because if the players are not true to the outside source even by just a little bit but both players are out the same, they would appear to be good standalone because they both play the same speed. BUT its something Serato might pickup being an outside source.

Hope that helps bro.

No drift on either players in standalone versus external source.


ok cool that’s a good thing, then it must be something else. you have an x1800 also? I only see your S9 in the video

And your on Serato 2.3.2 right?

just saw your last video that’s really bad.

what version of macOS are you running? Im running Mojave

maybe try a different hub?

I’m on Catalina.

I’ve tried on Windows 10 on a dell PC as well, no bueno

First time I reported it I was on Mojave.

Yup tried with all supported serato versions, currently on 2.3.2

I will try now with a thunderbolt dock I have

ok, really doesn’t make sense

Ok. Some good news (hope it’s not premature)

Stays in sync with my Thunderbolt dock (Elgato Thunderbolt 2 dock)

I have been playing with the set up for close to two hours now and like I mentioned (and observed) it stays in sync after an extended period of playing.

I will compare again with the other usb c hub

Just compared and like I suspected - it’s staying in sync with previous hub

Thats great news man. Yeah I was thinking that USB hub you had before might be the issue. Not all USB hubs are created equal.

Please test for a few days and make sure you update this thread and any others if people are having issues.

Like I said the songs for me stayed locked together 95% of the time. Sometimes and I think its beat grid related ill have to pitch nudge a tiny bit like 3 clicks on the pitch buttons on a long mix.

The old hub is staying in sync as well.

Just tested :sweat_smile:

That doesn’t make sense man you just told me you tested today different methods and it was still drifting

95 days ago


  1. Tested with USB C hub - drift

2 hours later

  1. Tested with Thunderbolt hub - no drift

  2. Change back to USB C hub - no drift

I have previously noticed that after playing/mixing for an extended period, it stops drifting

I have no idea, I guess back to square one, Hopefully Serato comes out with the fix in the next update to Serato DJ Pro

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Yes. And thanks for your time.

No problem man I thought we had it. I would use the thunder port hub from now on and see if there is a drift that comes back just to see