[UNDER REVIEW] Major drifting using the SC5000m with Serato DJ

Firstly thanks to the great folks at Denon for bringing Serato support to fruition. It’s appreciated.

I tested briefly today.

I still have the latest beta firmware and used it with the latest serato update.

I noticed a lot of drifting, tested with same track on both decks.


Set pitch slider to zero on both

Internal mode in Serato


Deck 2 is moving faster than Deck 1

Tried with sync as well - tracks did not stay locked together.

Pushing sync the tracks sync for a brief moment and immediately start drifting.

I understand wow and flutter limitations but I expect that to affect the beat matching after a period, but what I get is instant train wreck.

The only way I was able to keep the two tracks locked is by adjusting deck 2 to a slower pitch -.88% on a pitch range of +/- 8

Anyone else noticed this?

It’s my first time using motorized platters with serato, so pardon me if this is expected behavior.


The track you used is not a vinyl rip, right?

No. Downloaded from DJ Pool. I don’t get the same behavior using DVS , CDJ (Hid) or controller

I noticed this on the prime but it was the rips not the system. Watching your video and reading what you have said it doesn’t seem to be the case :thinking: will keep an eye out for any more anomalies though :+1:

I’m still getting consistent inconsistent behavior with the tracks staying locked together.

Sometimes the 2 decks stay beatmatched for a fair duration (allowing for wow and flutter expected with motorized platters)

Sometimes they go out of sync immediately and by the 4th or 5th beat it’s a train wreck.

I have raised a ticket with Serato support and this issue is doing my head in.

When it goes out of sync it’s like one deck is slower than the other, I don’t get this behaviour in standalone, so that out rules hardware issues I suppose.

I even tried using just one deck and still the same crazy results.

Are there any other folks with the SC5000M using it with Serato out here?

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Hmm… interesting. I know the 5500s had issues in HID where with two players the computer software would get confused as to which players’ platter inputs it was seeing when both the players’ motors were on. You could only really use one 5500 per software instance or computer to get reliable performance. So to rule this sort of thing out, you might want to try just using one SC5000 with Serato and mix with layers. If it still happens, it’s not the same issue as the 5500.

i did try that as well.

I connected just one player and toggled between layers.

The way Serato is, when you get out of the active layer, that virtual deck is running on “INT” (INT = internal serato deck)

But the other deck that is controlled by the 5000m starts drifting. Like i said i’m aware of wow and flutter and the drift is way worse than what i have ever come across, even in my days of DVS with rubbish turntables.

No W&F should be getting through from the M as they appear to fudge perfect timing prior to you scratching or attempting to bend on the platter. I presume you are using HID and not timecode, but neither should have W&F. If you are using HID, try using timecode, and vice versa, to see what the differences are. For timecode, use absolute following, not relative, to check things.

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What is the OS and specs of your computer?

Also, does this occur with public 1.3.2 release or just beta?

Please retest with public version and let me know if it still occurs. If it’s specifically related to the beta, please log a bug in the appropriate area.


I tested with the stable release 1.3.2 and it’s drifting.

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I’m getting the same. When you instant double the track I’ve notice one going faster than the other. Sync is not accurate and i’m hoping they resolve the issue asap.

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Thanks for chiming in as well.

Serato says they are aware as well

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Hi @mufasa, @djshyguy

We have investigated the report but have been unable to reproduce in our environment so far.

  • FW:1.3.2 [Public Stable], 1.4.0 [Beta]
  • SW: Serato DJ Pro 2.3.1(23115) - Current Public Release
  • OS: macOS 10.13.6, 10.14.4, 10.15, Win 10 (x64)
  • Machine(s): iMac (21.5-inch, 2017), Macbook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), Alienware 15 R4

Could you please let us know your computer specs and the serial numbers from your SC5000M units?

Apple MacBook Pro Mid 2017, 15inch with Touch Bar, 2.9ghz i7 CPU, 16gb RAM, 500 GB SSD, 4gb GPU Radeon 560, USB C errthang, Mojave 10.14.6

SC5000M (21)A11809237800707 SC5000M (21)A11809237800703

Serato DJ Pro 2.3.1 (23115)

For the sake of science

I just tested on on Windows 10 Laptop as well

Dell XPS 13 9360 i7-7500U 2.7ghz RAM 8gb Windows Home 10 x64 Windows version 1909

With the Motor off no drifting observed

Yes I’m having the same issue. Sync & instant double is not working correctly.

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Converting this into a bug report for tracking purposes.

We are looking into the report with Serato and will update once new information is available.

I observed that after a period of time playing, the Drift appears to go away.

Let me explain

  1. Start playing - players drift like in the videos above

  2. After some transitions say 10 songs down the line, the drift seems to go away, instant double is solid, sync holds the two tracks


Perplexing stuff

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Maybe it is the play length of the songs which causes player to lose integrity for scratchy. So when you go back to shorter songs , the drift goes ?

I don’t know lol.

My wild guess will be perhaps there is some auto calibration that occurs after a while from moving the pitch fader up and down to beat match.

That’s why I said it’s consistently inconsistent in an earlier post.

Sometimes you get the wild drift, sometimes a tiny drift at the start.

Hi All,

This has been confirmed on the Serato side. It also affects the RANE Twelve.

They plan to release a beta with a motorized platter fix in it prior to official release.

I don’t have any timelines right now but wanted to update with the information I have available.