[UNDER REVIEW] Custom Hotcue Colors Set in Engine Prime do not Match on MCX8000

  • Software or Firmware Version: all versions compatible with the MCX8000

  • Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Load and Play song in engine prime

  2. Set cue points and change the color

  3. Export to mcx8000

  4. Connect usb to mcx8000

  5. Load song

  • Expected Result: Song loads cue points with colors set in Engine Prime

  • Actual Result: the cue points are shown but with colors different from those defined in Engine Prime

  • Reproducibility: 100%

  • Other Relevant Configuration Info: Windows 10

You need to delete the .DDJMEMO folders on the target USB drivers before you run the export.

I have checked this with a totally empty memory, that is formatted and the problem persists

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This problem is seen in standalone mode. Engine Prime in the latest version of the error decreased, but not eliminated.

Hi @El_Corsario,

Thank you for the report. I’ve cleaned up the post a little bit to make the issue more clear for our engineers. We’ll take a look at this for the next MCX8000 firmware update.

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