[UNDER REVIEW] Abnormal BPM range when using unanalysed files from Serato

  • Engine OS Device: 6000M

  • Beta Version: 1.6 b2

  • Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Clean Library (from scratch)
  2. Launch EP Beta 1.6 b2
  3. Refresh Serato and add tracks to collection
  4. Do not analyse
  5. Drag and drop crates or tracks to engine OS drive
  6. Plug drive to 6000M
  7. Load a track
  8. Analysis occurs
  9. BPM range jumps to +20 or higher
  10. I have 8% set in preference
  • Expected Result:

To analyse and display bpm at normal or pre-selected range.

  • Actual Result:

BPM range jumps to higher values

  • Reproducibility:


  • Additional Notes: This may be related to a similar issue I have in EP 1.6

  • Link to Video Repro:


Hi @mufasa - Thanks for the report!

Are you saying the pitch range percentage changes when you load unanalyzed serato tracks? The percentage is always 20% in the video.

Yes sir it changes.

That one jumped to 20% immediately on loading the track.

My default settings is 8%

I have seen jumps to more than 20% (on both EP and Engine OS)


Was there any syncing involved? The decks will intelligently increase pitch percentage based on the primary deck to allow pitch fader to control the sync deck tempo if the native tempo of the track is outside of the current pitch percentage range.

If no syncing is involved, your default pitch percentage should load as expected.

No sir.

Sync was not active in Engine OS and Engine Prime.

I don’t use the dual mode in Engine Prime

It happens with just one player on (layers off) in Engine OS as well.

It just jumps to a higher pitch range and plays at a higher tempo.

If I reload the song, it plays at its normal speed.

This only happens to tracks that were not analyzed after importing from serato.

If I import directly from my files this behavior does not occur.

1.5 no problem, it’s only 1.6 that has this bug.

It’s something to do with importing from Serato into Engine (prime and OS).