[UNDER REVIEW] 1.6. reads rekordbox beatgrids?

Hi everyone. I am playing around with the beta version and trying to test that 1.6b is reading rekordbox beatgrids. So far I can’t see that. Anything I need to do manually / activate? I was importing the rekordbox.xml but the grids are not matching, especially not when used the dynamic grids in rekordbox. Can someone explains a bit more in detail what this function does, how it works and what limitations we got so far? Thanks


Did You tried to read the beat grids on Your prime device from a Rekordbox exported USB stick?

Try with a song that is not part of EP collection yet.


  • Download a new track

  • Grid it in rekordbox

  • Export xml

  • And add that to EP

  • See if the grids make it over

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@NoiseRiser No I didn’t as I don’t have a Prime device yet. Still evaluating what my next device would be. However, I was expecting to see the beatgrids in Engine Prime once updating the library from an rekordbox xml.

@mufasa Will try again. I believe I did it like this but will try again.


Don’t forget to keep us posted on your findings.

Ok - I cleaned up the entire Engine Prime DB and started with a fresh one. I imported my rekordbox.xml and this time the beatgrid came over. It seem to be pretty accurate. Even when importing dynamic beatgrids from rekordbox (i.e. Lil Louis - French Kiss). This doesn’t matter if I manually updated the beatgrids in rekordbox or took the ones analysed from the software (rekordbox) itself. The only strange behaviour I was seeing is when loading the tracks into the player. It kept the beatgrid - which is good - and built the wavaform. But the playing speed in the player display weird values. Sometimes +85% which will give you surprising results when playing the track. I had to reset the playing speed of the track to 0,0% to be able to listenning to it correctly. Not sure if this is because of the imported beatgrid vs. the analysis Engine prime does.


That brings me to another question. As the beatgrids were brought over from rekordbox but the waveform is missin, I have to analyse the tracks in Engine to get them. Will the beatgrid from rekordbos being kept or overwritten when doing the analysis? When I load the track into the Player the grid from rekordbox is kept. But what will happen when doing mass analysis is prime…

I have reported this bug as well to the developers.

Don’t forget to add your vote and request the ability to reimport new information from 3rd party databases


Once I analyse the track to get the waveform, the beatgrids from Rekordbox are gone. Even cleaning the DB from those tracks an try to reimport via the rekordbox.xml again will not bring back the rekordbox grids. It will show the ones from analysing in Engine prime.

Do I have to manually delete the Engine DB to start up fresh? Looks like there is ‘room for improvement’.

Did you use analyse or reanalyse?

Try with Analyse.

I think reanalyse will wipe your imported data.

Yes for you to redo it, you have to delete the Engine DB

will try - right now it doesn’t import correctly from the rekordbox.xml. Neither as playlists nor as crate… It create the crate or playlist but has no tracks in. Even in the collection is only a subset of imported tracks. Will try a clean start…

@mufasa ‘analyse’ will keep the rekordbox imported beatgrid.