[UNDER REVIEW] 1.3.1 - Still some occassional soft takeover lights when it shouldn’t

1.3.1 public release

I assume soft takeover mode of pitch fader should only occur when you have changed layers and not loaded a new track on the current forward layer. You load a new track and the soft takeover mode is overridden, which happens thankfully now.

Soft takeover mode still occurs sometimes when analysis finishes on a loaded track that has already done the aforementioned override previously, the pitch fader is in motion when analysis finishes, and there’s a background layer/track. It seems to not be very far you have to move the fader to resolve it, so it might be something to do with where the fader was during some moment prior to analysis finish and when on screen actually shows BPM, key, etc, but that’s just a guess.

You might want to either go hunting for what might be causing that or just put something in to directly look to the pitch fader to override soft takeover once analysis finishes if you can’t find why this is happening. So you’ve got the override on track load and adding another override on track analysis finish might be a short term solution prior to finding the cause.

Pay attention to the left deck at 57 minutes in:

Hi @Reticuli,

Thanks for the report. We’ll take a look.

If you have any more definitive repro steps please lets us know.