[UNDER REVEW] Engine Itunes Database But Imports From TWO Sources

Engine 1.3.1

Import ITunes Library Switched On

To Read All Data In The Itunes Library On Source Drive And Not On Any Other Drive. Itunes DB points to E: Drive NOT External USB.

Reads Music Information From External Connected Devices Such As Backup Drive - Doubles Up Entries

Happens Everytime An External USB Drive Is Connected

Windows 10 Build 1903

Screenshots Attached


Could you provide a little more detail about your configuration?

Is your iTunes library stored on external HDD?

Is there a backup of your iTunes library on your external HDD?

The image we are looking at is this the internal collection or iTunes tab?

It looks like all of the files have been analyzed so they must have been added to the library at some point. If they were added this behavior would be expected.

The ITunes Library is stored on my desktop PC on the Drive E. The ITunes DB files points to E. The ITunes BackUp drive is connected but why does it look at this drive as well when the setting in Engine is set to look at the ITunes XML in E drive and no where else?

I am not surprised to see the files being analysed already as I have tried multiple times to get my library into Engine unsuccessfully over many attempts. Something that has been acknowledged by the UK support team.

The images were taken from the ITunes tab and not the internal collection.

Just had to copy over my entire library using a different method today as the ITunes import is NOT 100% successful and has caused a lot of missing files.