Unable to post without moderator approval

Hello - I keep receiving this message all the sudden now whenever posting even though moderator approval restrictions had already been removed earlier.

"We’ve received your new post but it needs to be approved by a moderator before it will appear. Please be patient.

You have 2 posts pending."

What’s going on here? Why are moderator approvals needed? Have I unwittingly done something wrong? Please advise. Thank you.

UPDATE: Well this is weird. I was able to post this message about not being able to post other posts without moderator approval WITHOUT moderator approval. What is going on here? Thoroughly confused. Denon, please help. Thank you.

If you post a link this will happen.

Why is that? I needed to post link to a video hosted elsewhere that shows the technical problem I’m having because when I try to attach the video here to post I get a message that states the file size is too large and instructs to host elsewhere and post link.

Choice of moderator feature.

Tip: post message and edit after that to include the link :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good grief, in all my years on countless forums I’ve never encountered so much difficulty with what should be very simple functions. Is this normal here, or are these issues recent? It’s like I need a PhD to navigate this virtual Rubik’s Cube of a forum.

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Bank robbers say that there are too many police.

I prefer this environment. It’s sensible. I’ve joined —-/and left—— forums where every 5th post seems to be some dumb spam post about cheap medicines , free porn, links to crap software, off-topic blog links, cheap fashion items, and all that garbage

Sorry, not following. Are you trying to compare criminals stealing other people’s money to a new Denon customer who just spent ~$9K on brand new Denon equipment and is trying to get technical support for it, as well as technical support for the very website I instructed to go to for said equipment technical support? Please explain. Thanks.

[quote=“S_Anderson, post:6, topic:11135, full:true”] I prefer this environment. It’s sensible. I’ve joined —-/and left—— forums where every 5th post seems to be some dumb spam post about cheap medicines , free porn, links to crap software, off-topic blog links, cheap fashion items, and all that garbage [/quote]

Sorry, not following this comment either. What does spam and irrelevant posts have anything to do with a paying customer simply trying to obtain support from the very manufacturer the equipment was purchased from? Would like to understand this as well so please explain. Thanks.

I think you understand the reply to your sarcasm already. If not, ask someone else.

  1. No, I don’t understand your reply, hence the very reason I asked you to explain your reply.

  2. What in your opinion did I say that could be considered even remotely sarcastic?

  3. Why would I ask someone else to answer the question posed to you about YOUR comments?

  4. Why are you avoiding the two questions I asked you regarding your comments?

Sounds like you’ve got more than one bee in your bonnet there. Best to let the hive settle down.

Every forum is what it is. I’ve seen some where anything goes, no rules, no mederators, and the useful answers are so buried inbetween all the chaff and spam that it either takes ages to scroll through all the crap, or just impossible to work out where, if anywhere, the answer is.

On many occasions, it’s the ones who join and say there’s too many restrictions that then flout any loopholes that are then opened up.

I’ve not said that you are one of those people, ergo, I replied to the thread, not your particular post.

I’d certain hate it for this place of resource and fact finding to have it’s reservoir of information diluted by the floods of spam etc seen elsewhere. Again, I’m not saying that you’re a spammer. Just saying that if this forum had less formal posting, then more spammers could get in and smear a fairly succinct resource.

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[quote=“S_Anderson, post:10, topic:11135, full:true”] Sounds like you’ve got more than one bee in your bonnet there. Best to let the hive settle down.[/quote]

Not sure what you mean.

Can certainly understand and appreciate the desire to keep spammers and other undesirables out of forum, and the efforts that go into to preventing that from happening. What I’m not understanding however is how countless other forums are evidently more than capable of achieving that very same goal without the unusual and difficult restrictions experienced here that are hampering legitimate members’ (i.e. customers) attempts at acquiring much needed support for the products they’ve purchased from the very company running this website. The restrictions I’m referring to include 1) not being able to post without moderator approval (even though I’ve already been told by a moderator that restriction had been removed), and 2) not being able to make a subsequent post in a thread I’ve already made posted in until another person happens to first post in it. Additionally, I’ve been trying to update the email I currently have registered here ever since February 12, 2018 (eight months now). For some unexplained reason there is no method for users to simply update their email here like can be done on practically any other website on the planet – even websites that are infinitely more sensitive than DJ equipment such as government, health, financial, education, etc. Instead, we are required to contact a moderator, which I’ve done multiple times ever since February, and still to this day no support getting it updated. Not sure if this sounds reasonable to you or not (does it?), but it doesn’t to me or anyone else I’ve shared this frustration with. Never have I ever experienced this kind of difficulty with a forum, much less one that I’ve spent this amount of money with.

It was lovely chatting with you, right up until the point you went all bold letters, which is such poor netiquette. That’s something that no forum or its regular, long-standing members should have to put up with.

Like the ol’ saying goes: “Sounds like you’ve got more than one bee in your bonnet there. Best to let the hive settle down.” :wink:

No idea how or why my last reply posted in all bold characters. Was having trouble breaking up your last post as two separate quotes and it wasn’t displaying correctly (more technical issues with website). Even went back several times to try and fix the two quotes, but each time I tried it didn’t work, and then on top of that I received an automated message stating something about I’ve edited too many times and am now restricted from editing for XX-hours. Like I said, I’m clueless as to why it ended up bold. Perhaps the moderators could look into that technical issue as well if/when they ever decide to. Also well aware that what you jumped to conclusions about with that is usually considered “poor netiquette”, not too mention it’s not even necessary, so I’d never intentionally do that to begin with. Your false assumptions is something no forum or its new “members should have to put up with.” :wink:

I just want to step in here to say that it looks like the conversation is no longer serving the greater community. It looks like the rest of this conversation should be handled over a virtual or real beer.

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AIRVince – While I certainly agree with that the diversion S_Anderson chose to take us on was likely not serving anyone here than perhaps him/her/non-binary self, are you as a “Denon DJ Staff” (as stated next to your screen name) able to help me with any of the technical issues I’m experiencing that I’ve already described above?

I think Reese nailed it already. If you find any specific posts that don’t fit this criteria, let me know and we can pinpoint what’s going on.

Unless an alias , why would some change the email address they register on ?

Did you read what I said in response to Reese? I need to post a link as instructed by your own website since attachment is too large. Additionally, as already stated, “I’ve already been told by a moderator that restriction had been removed”. So if this restriction has been removed, then why am I still be restricted?

Also, are you able to offer any support for the ongoing email update issue mentioned above that I’ve been dealing with since February?

There are numerous legitimate reasons why someone would change their registered email. People change and update emails all the time. It’s a very common procedure, which is probably why nearly ever website on the planet allows users to simply do so with an update email function usually located in user profile/preferences. My particular reason for needing to do this is that I no longer have access to the email account I first registered here with. Because I no longer have access to the old outdated email account I am unable to receive any notifications via email from this website.

I’m not so familiar with the inner workings of this forum, although I have a bit of insight as to permission levels. . I’ve set your permissions up a level - so please try again with your link. If it does again come up for moderation, just PM me, so I’m aware.

I’m not sure on how one changes an email address. I’ll get back to you on that when I have an answer.

Thank you, much appreciated, and will do.

I would VERY much appreciate that. Thank you.