unable to fully integrate denon mc 2000 with virtual dj on mac

hello there, my issue is when i click play with mouse on virtual dj the mc 2000 play function is activated but not vice versa on other words when i press play on mc 2000 it does play on virtual dj nor the mc 2000 controller, any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

Sounds like a mapping question. Are you using the correct mapping. I am VERY rusty on VDJ, so not sure where to find those settings.

If a controller is not mapped correctly, VDJ (or any other software for that matter) will not understand the control signals the controller is sending and nothing or the wrong things happen.

I just followed instructions in the manual, not sure how to map MC 2000

The actual mapping is there, not like you have to do any mapping yourself :-).

However the software needs to know what mapping to use. Again, you need someone with more knowledge than I have of setting up VDJ to check that with you.

You ARE getting sound out of the MC2000 right? Like headphones and speakers?

Yes there is sound coming out of my headphones. perfectly fine there. when i press play or any function on mc2000 nothing happens, but when i click functions on virtual dj directly with mouse that function is also activated in mc 2000.

Check your settings in Midi Studio on the mac.

You may need to disconnect the MC2000, delete the controller then plug it back in.