Unable to enter new password into Wi-Fi settings

Today I accidentally logged out of my wifi settings, and upon logging back in, entered the wrong password.

Now, I am not given the option to log in with a new password, and every time I press the network name, it keeps using the old password resulting in “wrong password”.

Very frustrating…does anyone know of a work around for this?

Thank you!

DJ Kyle

Press the gear icon behind the network name / connection and choose “forget”.

User Guide page20

Thanks Reese, that’s the thing…it doesn’t give me that option anymore.

It shows me a box that says “strength and security”.

Could you check firmware 1.5.1 and report back?

Hi Reese, thanks for getting back to me.

I just updated and it will not let me get to a page to enter the password again, nor can I find any option to “forget password” anymore.

In addition, my Tidal playlists aren’t updating anymore either. Thank you for your help in remedying these issues!