Unable to drag and drop multiple files into Engine Prime destination USB


  1. Open EP (latest latest)

  2. Plug in Destination/Export Drive (500gb SSD)

  3. Plug in external hard drive which contains my Music

  4. Open Mac File Finder to navigate to a folder in external HD containing songs

  5. Navigate to destination drive in EP

  6. Create a Crate

  7. With the two Windows open side by side i.e. Folder and EP select multiple tracks in Music folder and drag to the crate I made in the destination SSD (in the EP window)

  8. Only one track copies over.

Is this a bug or normal behaviour ?

Hi Mufasa

Could you please list the exact full version number of your Engine Prime.

Engine Prime 1.1.1

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Super! Thanks for confirming that - there’s a few versions of Engine Prime around currently

No worries.

I’m on MacOS 10.13.4 if thats any help.