Unable to download Updates for the SC2900 from the denon website

I have just acquired a pair of sc2900’s and started using Engine, i am having issues with playing through my playlists when using my usb with the turntable, i make a playlist in Engine and transfer it to a usb all through the software and then when i open up my engine library on the turntable it has re-organised all of my tracks into artist subfolders and fails to load the bpm or waveform most times and only finds the bpm after playing it for a while and slowy revealing the waveform,

Some of my tracks cant be played either coming up with an error which if i recal said play lock or something? I have figured i might need to update the firmware and drivers so its compatible with the new engine software as i am now aware does not mainly support the sc2900 model anymore, i have visited the denon website where you can download firmware and driver updates but none of the links work at all, if someone could provide me with a working link to the updates for ASIO drivers and the Firmware updates that would be amazing, its been really hard to find anything online to help.

I also seen some people on about an MX800 export function in engine? i am rather confused about this, i know if i right click on a playlist i can export in two or three differen file formats one being CVS or M3u but i see nothing indicating that its the Mx800 function , So i cant figure out if im exporting the playlist properly using this function which is supposed to be compatible with the SC2900 Media player ,

PLease please any help or knowledge is much appreciated

New engine dj and engine prime is not compatible with sc2900

  1. You need to use Engine DJ 1.6.1 version. Any later ones will NOT work.

  2. In Engine Prime 1.6.1 enable “MCX8000 compatibility” under settings - that will show you with a column mark what files are not in playable format for your SC2900/MCX8000

  3. When you create a playlist, you need to export it onto a USB stick using the special MCX8000 export button that is kinda hidden on the drive taskbar

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Hey thanks for the quick response you’ve absolutely fixed my problem thanks again i cant believe how long i have been trying to figure it out and you fixed it in one so cheers :slight_smile:

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