Unable to analyze large amounts of tracks at once

If I attempt to analyze more than 200 tracks at a time, the software crashes once 200 tracks have been analyzed. This has been replicated across two seperate machines.

Windows 8.1 Pro I7 8750H 16GB RAM

Windows 8.1 Pro I7 5960X 64GB RAM

It could be a something background bad on both computers - maybe same antivirus softwares or same security internet software or same backups software. The that software refuse long play with Engine Prime

Is it a Engine Prime you are have not older Engine 1.5

I have engine prime. I do not have any security or backup software running (I run all my Operating Systems within VM). I did some troubleshooting. If I let Engine run on its own with nothing else open, it analyzed as many files as I could throw at it. As soon as anything which needs access to the file system is opened, Engine Prime crashes.


You are solved !

It doesn’t sound like it’s really solved.

He’s found a workaround method for Engine Prime not to crash rather than having it work while something accesses the file system.

What else were you running that had access to filesystem

I’m a Mac user and I have been able to do analyses even with another DJ software open e.g. Traktor.