Ultimate Wireless Setup

Having been on the lookout for the best wireless setup with the ability to play literally anywhere, I decided to try and test 2 different setups consisting of the Denon Prime Go and the new Soundboks speaker with each of the following wireless setups:

1 x Xvive-U3 Wireless Transmitter & Receiver 1 x Akiko Pro Skaa Transmitter

I set the speaker 25m from the Prime Go outside and on the ground, and there was a 3ft high wall between both. Here are some points to remember:

The Xvive-U3 Points:

  1. Very easy to use, just charge up for a full 4 hours playback.
  2. Can be switched to mic mode for attaching to a mic to make any non condenser mic wireless
  3. Can make any speaker with XLR connection wireless
  4. Can only connect to XLR in/outputs
  5. Transmitter & Receiver must be paired, while also avoiding using wireless router channels
  6. If you forget to charge it before playing, it could go flat
  7. Its 2 dongles, Transmitter & Receiver

The Akiko Pro Transmitter

  1. Very small transmitter, does not contain a battery
  2. Can connect to Phono, or XLR outputs
  3. Powers itself from the USB port on the controller or usb power bank
  4. Can only connect to Skaa enabled speakers
  5. No pairing necessary

Both setups lasted for 4 hours, 20 minutes until the Prime Go went flat. The X-vive U3 had an extra 15 minutes before turning itself off.

Conclusion: The setup that I preferred is the Akiko Pro, because it cannot go flat as long as there is power in the controller, it never needs recharging and because of the Skaa technology, there’s no fear of any interference from any wi-fi devices that may be in range. The Xvive-U3 did conflict with my router indoors on first setup, but changing channel sorted it. The Akiko Pro performed flawlessly indoors.