Two issues with my X1800


The extra info about the system working before and the cables being labelled would have been super useful if included in the first post.



I got a run around from Denon in fact its been three weeks and i still have not heard a word from Denon, tech or warranty on their site where i sent all my info. So i just got new ones and returned the old. Sorry i had to do it that way but i play daily web shows, and live events weekly.



First try to make the mixer completely powerless. Power cable out and power button temporarily pressed on the make sure all power is gone.

Try again. If ch3 is open, is the Engine connect button on and is it showing in the oled display? (the “headphone” icon)



Sounds sort of fictitious.

At one moment you are asking for help on the forum and now, just shortly later, you’ve said that you’ve bought new replacements and sent the old ones (which you said you’d had enough times to plug and unplug hundreds of times) back.

It could all be true though



Hi Julianus, I am not the original poster but I have identical issues. The fact that two independent users have a set of the same, seemingly random, problems, suggests two things:

  1. although sounds fictitious, it’s not (or we are making this up independently!). The OP provided a video, and I can provide one, too
  2. that there is a common underlying cause for these problems

@Reese thank you for your suggestion. I disconnected the power cable, allowed the mixer to be ‘on’ without the cable in for a while, and then tested the mixer again. The Engine Connect button was on (i.e. illuminated), and it was also showing on the OLED display. Unfortunately, nothing has changed, so:

  • the ch3 cue colour button does not match the mapping on its corresponding sc5000 (but it blinked a few times showing multiple colours - that’s new to me)
  • the ch3 bpm is not read by the mixer - while bpm coming from channels 1,2,4 was easily detected by the mixer, the bpm from channel 3 was not, and it either showed 120bpm, or it showed whatever bpm was last detected in channel 4


Okay. Then the last option before returning to reseller (perhaps arranging a temp demo mixer for use) is to update to the same firmware. Don’t think this will help but worth a shot.



@Reese I forgot to say that the third issue I have also was not rescued by following your suggestion. The third issue is that whatever orientation I connect the ethernet cable to the ports, the sound always goes to the channels in the ch1-ch2-ch3-ch4 layout: b1-a1-a2-b2. this leads to some really weird issues. For example, I now swapped the player LAN cables, so the cables are connected such that I expect this layout: b2-a2-a1-b1. When I then play something on b1, I expect the sound to go through ch4. But it goes through ch1. BUT if I want to apply any effect to this channel, I need to apply it to ch4! This is insane. Happy to provide videos as this is really consistent.



@Reese, yeah that’s what I thought :frowning: Thanks for your assistance :slight_smile:



Sound goes to the channel you connect the audio cable to. Ethernet or settings in the mixer won’t change that.

Ethernet transports the Engine info to the specified channel of your choosing. To keep things simple and kinda foolproof layer A of an SC should dictate the ethernet port number and your good to go. You did all that.

What I find strange is the FX. I thought it to be internally connected to audio channel and not Engine. I want to test this to be conclusive.



haha, yeah, you are right, so daft of me!



Hi @Reese, you originally asked whether the Engine Connect button shows in the OLED display. I said yes, because it does show when the FX channel assign knob is set to Master - regardless of which channel is the master. However, I just noticed that when I move the FX knob to individual channels (i.e. 1-4), the Engine connect headphone icon shows in the OLED display for channels 1,2,4, but not 3. For channel 3 it says “AUTO”. What does this mean? Again, this is cable/player independent. This time I swapped all cables :slight_smile:



AUTO means TAP is held at some point to disable Engine for a channel. If you open channel3 only en press the Engine button top-right only once (not holding it), what happens than? Does AUTO become Engine again?



@Reese, thanks for the explanation. When I open the channel3 and press the Engine button once, nothing happens. AUTO remains AUTO.

A few additional observations:

  1. when switching the FX knob between channels, when I get to ch3 (and ch3 only), the AUTO button on the mixer lights up. it stops being lit up as soon as I move the pitch fader on the player (i.e. as soon as aI change the bpm of the track that is being played on ch3).
  2. the mixer is unable to read ch3 bpm only when the FX knob set to Master. When it’s set to ch3, despite the fact that it says ‘auto’ on the oled display and it doesn’t show the headphone icon, it can read the bpm just fine. It is specifically struggling with ch3 as master.

X1800 one of Channel Cue buttons always blue?

so, how the situation resolved itself: one night i had a party at home, many people have come, the music was playing for hours and it was really hot. My x1800 got hot - it was really warm to touch. at some point, my CUE buttons blinked, and started working as expected. At the same time another associated problem (x1800 not being able to read bpm of channel 3) also fixed itself.

What i suspect happened is - some metal warmed up a bit, and something that wasn’t fully connected - suddenly managed to connect. The mixer is fine since (at least in this regard) - cue button colours are responsive and the mixer reads bpm of all channels.

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