Two boots and no SSD on one and no mixer firmware on the other

  • Software or Firmware Version: (1.2, 1.3.1, etc…) 1.3.1

  • Steps to Reproduce: (Turn on unit, press button X, etc…) Turned off the Prime 4 for an hour. Turned it back on.

  • Expected Result: (ex: It does X…) To load and see the internal SSD and mixer firmware.

  • Actual Result: (ex: It does Y…) So see the internal SSD and mixer firmware.

  • Reproducibility: (ex: Happens 1 out of 10 times.) Happened only once so just a glitch, not s bug. I’m reporting for reference only.

  • Other Relevant Configuration Info: (ex: Plugged into a Windows 10 laptop.) Stand alone.

  • Operating System & Version (if applicable): N/A

  • Link to Video Repro: N/A

Not really a bug per se but wanted to report as any feedback is good.

I turned off the P4 fir an hour while I was on my break. I came back, powered it on and it just hung at the Denon DJ Prime 4 colour logo. It restarted itself only to do the same. I then held the power button for around 10 seconds and it restarted only this time to not see the SSD once it had loaded. I restarted again and it didn’t see the mixer firmware. The third time it loaded fine after pulling the plug from the P4 and hitting the power on button and letting any residual power out of the unit, it had no issues after that. It is just a report so you guys know. Out of curiosity, is there any log files that can be sent? Maybe an option to upload error reports etc from the unit? Let me know if so (or PM me). I’d be happy to beta test privately as I’m not a newbie to all that.

Regards Chris

Hi @MrWilks,

Thanks for the feedback! Agreed, any feedback all feedback is valuable!

Could you provide me with more detail on your SSD?

What is the drive manufacturer and model?

What is the capacity of the drive?

What format is the drive?

What partition table type?

How did you format the drive Mac or Windows computer?

Really appreciate your input!


The SSD is a 1TB Samsung QVO. It has been in different formats, switching between Fat32 and ExFat but I’ve settled on ExFat (just for reference, why is Fat32 recommended?).

The partition table is MBR and I formatted it on a Mac.

I’ve had no other issues apart from this one and installed the latest horizontal firmware yesterday so I’ll let you know how it goes. I’ve used it around 8 times since with no issues so I’ll keep my eye on it.

Thanks for the info! We actually recommend exFAT for drives of 1TB or more as unlike FAT32 there is no single file size limitation. With large collections, the database file can exceed the 4GB single file limitation of FAT32.

Good to hear! Let us know if you see the issue again.

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edit Hi @JWiLL

I had another boot tonight that didn’t see the mixer firmware.

It was the first boot of the system and once powered down and the power cable removed it booted okay the second time.

The initial boot took a little longer than it usually does and got the coloured Prime 4 logo for about 15 seconds but once it started it loaded the HDD fine and I found that finding the tracks was a little quicker when searching. I loaded to the song to the deck and the play button didn’t do anything. There was no transport control. I then got the warning on the screen I had before about the firmware.

This is on the 1.3.2 version just released.

Original post Thanks for the info J.

I’ll keep you posted if anything funky happens but up to yet the horizontal update has totally transformed the way I use it (in a positive way) so I’m just putting it through its paces.

Thanks for the help!

HI @MrWilks,

Sorry to hear you ran into this again! At this point, I’d like to have our support team replace your unit so we can further review the unit to hopefully identify the issue. I will send PM now.

[Moving to general PRIME 4 area as this is not a bug but more likely HW issue]

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