(Tutorial) How to connect network drive (NAS) with denon engine library

Hello, I saw a lot of people struggle to connect thier network drivers with engine library. As you might already know Engine doesn’t have straight connection of music coming from network source but there is an workaround with directory symbolic link for that.

For my case i use Win 10 and QNAP ts-251±2g as my NAS


  1. Map your music folder from NAS to the windows under any letter (in my case - “X:” ) ref. Map a network drive in Windows 10

  2. After mapping head to the command line (win + r, type CMD) and enter “mklink /D Link Target” command. Link and target my vary depending where you want to create the link. (in my case - mklink /d \Users\marci\Music\engineTest “X:”) ref. mklink | Microsoft Docs

  3. You are all set! Now you can import folder and music to your collection from the linked folder

PS: directory symbolic link should also work with Mac and Linux.


Symbolic link has been spoken about on the forum. Thanks for the ‘step by step’ that others might wanna use.

I’ve opted for iSCSI in the past to omit the “no network drive” support, while robust it’s not easy for most to setup.

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Yeah i have read the forum, but couldn’t find any info on the symbolic link though.

That’s awesome. Being on Linux I fired up a VM with win 10 just to run engine dj to find I cannot access the network drive with my music… I tried to link different ways to local folders without success but gonna try your way for sure. Thanks a lot for the detailed information. Cheers!


When I’ve tried symlinks before it either doesn’t add the track or it adds them and then they disappear from the library. Are we saying this definitely works now?

@logik1 Yeah i use it. The trick is to create a link to mapped drive, if you will try to create link directly to one of the folders it won’t work.

Thanks for this. I run the Engine Desktop in Linux under wine and although I do not use a NAS, I do use multiple external hard disks and have symbolic links all over the place. I indeed tried making the engine see a symbolic link; but no go. In fact it was worst than that. Engine Desktop bitterly complained and even shut down when it did not find the folder ‘music’ for the current user. It’s as if that is hardcoded into the software. So I recreated the music folder and have to copy my music over if I want to have Engine Desktop see the songs.

I get it most people run on windows and Mac, so, very king of you to include this tutorial on how to symlink. I only mention it because you mentioned Linux. Of course if someone got Engine Desktop running nicely in linux (I have issues with it) and found a way to symlink inside the music folder, I would love to be corrected! :slight_smile:

Anything special you had to do to the VM when it comes to settings? I run on Linux too…tried it via VM, but Engine Desktop had issues rendering. Text would be all scrambled and not legible. What VM software did you use?


Hey @Nikdo - I am running EndeavourOS and got the same distorted graphics on virtual box. Using VM-Ware and all is okay… Did you vote already for a native Linux client here: https://denondjforum.com/t/native-linux-client-for-engine-dj/38614 Engine OS is basically built upon Linux and lots of open source software so it should be fairly easy to provide a Linux client for us.

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Ahhhh. Damn, yes indeed, the distorted graphics were on VirtualBox. That is super duper weird that it works on VM-ware. This helps a lot; thank you. I am running it under wine, but there are issues.

Oh it was immediately clear to me the Engine OS runs under linux. What else would it run under. And indeed they use a lot of open source libraries, like QT framework. You are right, this would not be hard at all to port it to linux. I will go and vote on the request.

Glad to see other DJs on Linux. I ran a lot of distros, but now trying Manjaro with i3wm.