Tutorial for Prime X1800 Traktor 3 set up

Hi, I am looking for instructions on how to do this.

It’s not clear. There are a bunch of options on the mixer for input select dvs/usb1/usb2

I’m getting no signal in Traktor. It’s not clear which channels on the mixer correlate to the input channels that show up in Traktor.

Some help would be really appreicated.


I can help You, but I need to know what is Your setup, what computer, wich version of traktor, what You want to achieve (what functionality).

Thanks for your reply.

I was aiming for basic DVS control.

I worked it late last night using the manual. Oh, to read the f@$king manual!

Went into utility mode and set the outputs correctly on the mixer and it now runs like a dream on either the USB or DVS selector on the mixer.

Thanks for your offer of help.

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You’r welcome, If You will need any help with Traktor and Denon Gear, just give me a message.

heyy @cuznmatt you could share the steps to configure it in traktor please?