Turn On/Off jog wheel logo

I put my own logo (logo.png) on the jog wheel.

But they are no option to turn on/off this logo when I wanna see the current artwork of the current mp3 playing on the deck?

Otherwise, without usinig a computer and delete the file, there is an option to turn off this feature?

Hi @dimitrimartin, welcome to the forum!

We have a search function to look for similar topics and requests, like this one:

Above is for the SC’s, but they share features like this.

Please give a like when you agree with the original requests. That way we’ll see what’s hot and what’s not. :sunglasses:

… the answer given look like a non essential function for a Dj. :slight_smile: … in my concern , a feature into preference like Display Owner Logo : YES NO is easy to be added in the next release…



It’ll feel like a shoddy cop out if it’s added to the next release, the release after, or any release before they get the over-promised and under-delivered Grid and BPM Calculations released to us all. They can leave the pretty things like album art and 75 million color wave forms til the post-coital cigarette.

Not just beta, and they need to be nothing short of amazing, like 10 decimal places* of bpm and grids that work perfectly, without manual adjustment, even on old manual 1960s drummers.

Anything bpm or grid now that’s just so-so is going to be spat back in denons faces after all the “industry leading” description and horrendous delays.

  • we’ll settle for 2 decimal places, right?

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