Turn of key detection?/future feature

i use mixed in key for my key detection.

ive noticed when i import my tracks into engine prime it creates its own key value, i then have to re-import track information to return the key values back to my MIK values.

is there a way to turn off key detection in engine prime like is reckordbox?

if not i would like to request this as a feature feature :slight_smile:


Turn off Auto Analysis.

i have auto analysis already turned off.

i was wondering if there is a way to turn off key detection when analysising tracks for beatgrids etc…

As long as your settings are correct in MiK (so that it saves the key in the “initial key tag”) then EP shouldn’t touch it.

Yeah it’s just a pain having to re-import track information every time.

Hopefully it will be a feature in a later update

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