Tuneup PRIME - Library Management Toolkit for Windows & macOS - Create smart playlists, relocate your tracks, and more!

A library management toolkit for Denon Engine PRIME :headphones:

Formerly known as “ENJINN”

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:star2: Features

  • Easy to use graphic interface
  • Smart playlists
    • Generate playlists based off of easily configurable rules
    • Filter tracks based on album, file type, and more
    • Use different operators to filter attributes including Regex
    • Logically group filters with and & or
    • Smart playlist definition example
  • Track relocation
    • Relocate missing tracks
    • Provide a folder to search for tracks in
  • Library consolidation
    • Move all your tracks into one folder
  • Automatically backs up library before running
  • Supports Engine 1.6.x
  • Cross platform - Windows & macOS
  • More coming soon! Check out the upcoming features

If there’s a feature you’d like added that would be useful to you, suggest it here!

You can find more screenshots in the documentation!


I have a question on the subject of “smart playlist”

If I create a smart playlist and later add tracks to the collection, will these tracks be automatically added to this list with the parameters of the smart list?

That’s actually the point of a smart list so that you don’t have to manually add everything to certain playlists for new tracks

or do I have to run TuneUP PRIME anew every time with new tracks?

This is how it works with Rekordbox and Traktor

Sadly it’s impossible make it work like it does in Rekordbox and Traktor.

Part of the problem is that Engine puts a write lock on the database while it’s open so it’s impossible to do anything until Engine is closed.

What I can maybe do is allow the app to be run via a shortcut which just updates the smart playlists instead of opening the UI. That would save a few clicks.

Another option could be having tuneup run in the background and automatically update your playlists whenever you close Engine.

At the end of the day though, it takes less than 30 seconds to open tuneup and generate your playlists.

I had another question: If I move a playlist that I created with Tuneup in the main directory into a subfolder in Engine - is that possible or does it cause problems?

Or do I have to specify the subfolder in the editor when creating the playlist?

If so, what should the command line look like?

If I want more than one smartlist- do I have to config them in the same tuneup.yaml file? or gets every smartlist his own .yaml file?

solved- it works

Hello, I’m new here and unfortunately I don’t know the programming language. I would like to create a smartlist with the following parameters: Rating: *** stars and comment = BLUE

Maybe someone could post the command line for a moment, that would be very nice For example, I don’t know how to enter the number of stars in the rating - as a number? What should the command look like for a desired decade, for example 2009-2011?

Many thanks for your help

Currently, all your smart playlists are generated at the root. You can move them wherever, but Engine might have problems if multiple playlists with the same name exist. I’m going to add support for generating the playlists under whatever folders you want.

You shouldn’t be using the command line. Just launch the app.

Just one file. Make sure you’ve read the examples.

I just discovered there’s actually a bug with filtering on rating. The way you currently have to filter on the rating field is a bit weird too. I’ll get a patch out to fix this.

Once the patch is out, this is how you would do this (I’ll expand the examples in the patch too):

Edit: v2.1.0 is out with support for this.

  - name: Test
        - [comment, equals, blue]
        - [rating, '=', 3]
  - [year, '>=', 2009]
  - [year, '<=', 2011]

Thanks for help

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Hi Shayded,

I tried your settings

Smartlists “Test” works fine

but when I will create another second list instead of “blue” comment named “red” it doesn’t work- got a failure message

wehre is my mistake?

The year commands like your example doesn’t work- got a failure message

What also doesn’t work is my genre list: -name: House


-and: - [genre, equals, House]

Please send me your full config file and the error message to shayded@shayded.com.

Feature request:

Analyze library to add genres to music based on track title and artist