Trying to get the HC4500 to work with Virtual DJ Pro

Have an HC 4500 and just bought Virtual DJ Pro. I have used this controller with other software (literally just plug and play) and it worked fine. Now with this, the cue and play buttons work, but there is nothing on the display of the 4500. Running on a mac with Catalina 10.15.6. I’ve read the thread on Catalina, but it tells me to remove drivers - there aren’t any there…

please can someone help. Been going round in circles for over 24 hours now and getting nowhere

There’s a “legacy models” section of the forum that would certainly cover midi rack mount. There might be some posts in there that help

But I’d knock on atomicks door or forum for instructions on how to get VDJ to work with any midi controller new or old. The hc4500 has been out long enough for atomicks to had gotten round to supporting it by now

It’s Atomix - and he’s just come from there. It’s not a VDJ issue. The HC-4500 has had native VDJ support for years. Denon don’t list the HC-4500 as being supported on Catalina.

So any idea’s please as what OSX I need to backdate to?

Well the HC-4500 came out in 2007 I believe.

Was this you? Denon dn-hc4500

i used it with 10.12.6 and it worked fine. however, the hc4500 is a so called “class compliant” device under osx so it should work with all versions.

when you plug it in, can you see it in osx’ sound panel?

His problem is not with the audio

It all shows as the device in VDJ - its just the display

well did you check whether the 4500 is still supported by the current vdj version?

Virtual Dj will support a kettle if possible.

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haha fair point