Trouble with manual looping

Hello dear SC5000 enthusiasts! I seem to have trouble using the manual looping feature on the SC5000 (V1.0.3), both with loop in/out and hot loop buttons. Setting the loop entry works just fine. But for some reason the loop out marker is not set as I intend it to. It always snaps to auto loop lengths (2,4,8,16 beats)!! I tried quantised on/off and different quantise values for loop markers - makes no difference. For double checking I tried manual looping on the Engine Prime software, and there it works as intended! Am I missing something, or is this a glitch? Presumably, setting the loop out marker worked properly for me before, but no way of checking it. The SC5000 manual simply states to punch loop in/out as you like. No mention of any restrictions.

Greetz, Thomas

Hi Beatom, Have you tried going into the Preferences Settings and changing “Smart Loops” to off ?

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YES! This was exactly it. I completely forgot about this feature.

Thanks a lot :smiley:

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I’m glad you’re all sorted now.

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