Trouble updating firmware

Trying to upgrade firmware following steps perfectly. But, once I switch channels 1 & 2 to ENGINE setting and power on, the USB 1 light comes on, I hold down VIEW/UTILITY button but screen stays on DENON MCX8000 screen. Drop down menu options never show up. Corsair thumb drive shows up on my lap top and I see my music collection but not on my MCX8000. PLEASE HELP.

You can force a firmware update as follows:

Place a USB drive that contains the latest firmware update package into USB 1.

Power on the MCX8000.

The left deck Cue button will flash. Press the Cue button.

The left deck Sync button will flash. This indicates the unit is updating.

When the left deck Play button is lit solid green the update is complete.

Turn the MCX8000 off, count to 4, then turn it back on again.

If you experience any issues, it’s probably a usb stick, reformat it or find another (usb 2.0 preferably).

Left deck CUE button never started flashing.

Try with a different usb stick the regular method of updating.

You can read here other people experiences

I don’t see where anyone answered @CANARIS’ problem. Sounds like exactly the same as my problem.

I have repeatedly said to try with a different usb stick, you ignored that. In that thread there is also an advice to switch the unit into display mode and then back to normal mode.

There is no simple “press this button” solution, either follow advices and report feedback to see if any of them will work or send your unit back to denon.

It wasn’t Canaris having the problem.

Thanks for your help but I’ve told YOU repeatedly that both thunb drives are seen by both my laptops, as well as my desktop. Music is able to be played, too. Thumb drive OBVIOUSLY Isn’t the problem. But, thanks.

Just because your computers see the drive and can access it, doesn’t guarantee the MCX8000 will see it.

First it needs to be in the correct format. Second, sometimes a drive just isn’t compatible, even if it is the correct format. I have one here like that.

So OBVIOUSLY it could be the cause of your problem.

Try another drive/stick.

I’ve been using the same drives for 2 year’s. They’re absolutely fine.

…when used in the MCX8000?

Then why did you say “shows up on my lap top and I see my music collection but not on my MCX8000”?

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Not worth trusting a 2 year old drive for much longer if you charge money for your services. If you’re just playing in your bedroom then old drives don’t matter much

I’m having the same problem. Just bought a new thumb drive and it still isn’t working