Trouble reading external HDD



First of all - I absolutely love my SC5000’s.:heart:

I bought a 1Tb external HDD (USB3) so I could transfer all my music from my mac, via Engine Prime and access this on my players. But when I connected the HDD to player 1, player 2 says that the HDD is Unavailable. And when I connect it to player 2, player 1 says Unavailable. So I went out, bought a extra identical HDD and cloned it so I can access the same data on both players. Doing this, I cant pull playlists after a gig, cause I’ll have half the list on one HDD and the other half on the other, and that is quite anoying :joy: Any ideas on how I get it to read the same HDD on both players? Its a Toshiba Advance, 3.0 usb and I connect them to top- rear usb port…

Best regards Kim


On the current firmware the player won’t share data on a drive if the database of analysed files is over 2.4 Gb (which is around 10,000 to 11,000 analysed tracks.)

Firmware is currently being beta tested, which completely does away with that 2.4 Gb max.

In the meantime, you could share one drive between several players if only -some- of the tracks are analysed by Engine Prime (or the players)


Thanks Gee_DenonDJ

That explains it then… there’s like 60,000 analysed tracks. :smiley: Hope the firmware will come soon :slight_smile:

Best regards Kim


hope this fix will be released soon as this will make a lot of users happy, incl myself. :slight_smile:


still no solution? I am tired of looking for solutions



Hey folks, We’re removing this limit in the next version of SC5000 Prime firmware. We’re currently working on getting this wrapped up and out the door ASAP.

Cheers, AIRVince


thank @AIRVince I imagine that the update are coming pretty soon ?


Hey Tellor,

We don’t generally pre-announce exact dates for delivery of upcoming fw updates… But yes - Soon. :slight_smile:


@AIRVince: but honestly…and said in the most polite way so dont take this wrong - it would suit Denon to be more proactiv with information on upcoming updates in general.


Hi Kim @Engell, aside from revealing our development roadmap, and in full, I’d hope you may feel we’re giving you as much (and positive) feedback to reassure you we are addressing user needs and improvement requests. It is our highest priority to give our DJ users and community an ever evolving, enhanced workflow experience, to which we are continually and fully committed. @AIRVince is right, the next wave is coming soon and I feel confident that many users will be happy that their voices have been heard, and the Denon DJ Dev team have responded. Best, Paul


thanks… this makes a better feelin of own the sc5000… i trust denon since 15 years and more in future :wink:

thanks and greetings from austria :sunglasses:


@paul_denondj: You know me from the MCX8000 issues and I’m truly happy that I gave you guys a last chance when I bought the Prime Series instead. But there are other issues - not anyone we need to discuss here - but things you really need to clear with your dealers (specially in Denmark - cant talk for other countries) and I can provide with you with the general attitude amongst those dealers if its anything you are interestet in. Besides that, as a customer I feel there’s a bit to silent when it comes to give your customers updates regarding whats in the pipeline. I dont need a release date but small teasers saying: “Now this is added or that is fixed… stay tuned for the upcoming firmware etc etc.” (Think you get my point)

Some small teasers that keeps us on fire! :grin:

Best regards Kim