Trigger Hotcue on Assign Option Poll

  • I would be in favor of an option so that you don’t have to hit a hot cue a second time as currently and instead it triggers when in a pause state the moment you set it, as on the industry standard. For example: Utility preference – Trigger Hotcue on Assign: Yes/No
  • I neither desire such hot cue behavior nor would tolerate even an option for it under settings.

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I’d go for the first option, but I think the second option is a tad harsh. You might want it, but to object to a setting you don’t use being in the settings menu ???

You think I’m preventing people from voicing their opinion that they’d never use it? I guess I could have done three rated voting choices, A) I like that feature, B) I’d never use that feature but wouldn’t mind the option available, C) I’d never use that feature and don’t want the option cluttering up the settings. I figured lumping A & B together was more useful since the Bs are technically not against the idea altogether.

It’s a matter of debate I guess. I can not like a feature (i.e. not have use for it, or even go as far as think it’s a really bad option), but still not mind it being in settings. As far as cluttering goes, that (at least to me) is not a real big thing as most of the time there will be settings that are relevant for one (type of) DJ and irrelevant for the other. Kinda comes with the territory I suppose.