Transporting PRIME 2

For those purchasing a PRIME 2, will you be buying a flight case for it, or a carrying case? I’m thinking about something like a Magma CTRL Case and a decksaver.

In the mobile DJ space with controllers, I generally see people buying flight cases because they have the built in shelf or arm for a laptop. Some people also buy cases that have space in the bottom (generally 1U of space) that they will put a power conditioner / wireless mic receivers / DMX interface. That being said, If you don’t plan on customizing the setup in the case, because the Prime 2 (or 4) doesn’t require a laptop, the case wouldn’t have a built in shelf / arm, so the extra weight / bulk / price may not be justifiable or beneficial to you. If you don’t plan on putting other things in the case and pre-wiring, then the Magma CTRL or similar sounds like a good option.

This is a multi-layer question (or rather the answer is).

I have the P4 and I have it in one of those great Magma CTRL Cases with a decksaver on it. Great for taking it with you to place that anything more than your controller is pretty much overkill.

As a full mobile DJ, I am currently designing a custom flight case, that will hold my wireless mic receiver, my in-ears transmitter and will have all cabling rerouted inside the case to the front where they will connect to the PA, power, etx. That way I can make the back (audience-facing) side of the case such that no cables will be in few, enhancing the clean look I try to go for. Also there is no need to attach any cables other than power, pa, booth and/or zone.

Even when using controllers with a laptop (my DDJ-SX with MBP) I take the laptop tray from my stock flight case off. It sticks out too far in front for my liking and I don’t like hanging over my controller to use the keyboard. So I generally have the laptop sit off to the (right) side on a stand and nothing in front of me.

If I’d have a flight case made for the P2, I would have it constructed so the unit sits at a slight angle, improving your viewing angle of the screen. I have worked for years with inclined mixers, so having the faders sloping up a bit as well works for me.

My three cents as usual.

I love the magma control cases, I only use my magma flight cases when doing a corporate or wedding event.

My rule these days before buying a controller is waiting til a carrying case is out for it first.

I’m definitely hyped for this prime 2, my only hold back is not being able to use serato

I was such a fan of Mixvibes Cross, but since playing with the P4, I have all but forgotten about DJ software :smiley:


Ordered a Prime 2 case from Swanflight. These guys are in the UK, but their cases rock. I’ve ordered from them in the past. I like the flightpanel material… lightweight, but still good protection.

I just modded my Pioneer XDJ-R1 Odyssey case, it fits but will need to purchase some angled XLR and RCA adapters for the I&O’s.

A little tight on the backside, just bought some angled adaptors, didn’t want to spend another $260. IMG_20200501_094726|375x500