Transfer wont work


Trying to help out a friend ( @Sternkwist) with his Prime 4 and transfering some music from Engine Prime to the Prime 4.

The issue is that (he has a really messy library sorting :rofl: not using crates in Collection, but only playlists) when we try to transfer to the internal 2 tb HD (Seagate) it freezes - trying to transfer the same files to a USB pendrive, it works fine.

I have tried re-install EOS1.5.1, re-install Engine Prime 1.5.1 and even downgrade to Engine Prime 1.5.0… Nothing works. It freezes everytime we try to transfer that crate to the internal HD.

Any ideas?


Did you try with the HD sans prime 4.

Sans? Elaborate please :slightly_smiling_face:

Bypass the Prime4 with a Sata to USB adapter.

Remove the HD from the P4.

Your mate will get better performance with a SSD, but I’m sure you have told him already :grimacing:

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He is well aware of that already. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Sternkwist - prøv evt det han siger ovenover :slightly_smiling_face: