Traktor x1 and prime 4

Does anyone use a traktor x1 with engine prime 4 ? Is compatible ?

I need some more effects …

Traktor x1 is a midi controller, not an effect processor. It will not give You more effects.

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Thanks for your reply I thought it was a tool to add more effect to the set What machine do you suggest for this matter to add to prime 4 ?

What ever effects unit You like, but the problem is You can only add it on the master out, as there is no send/return for external fx. I use Korg Kaosspad 3, also cool effect units are rmx1000, Boss sp404, Dreadbox Hypnosis, RMX500, Older pioneer efx1000, Korg mini kaospad and so on… You can also add some effect pedals like Headrush or Boss too. Just check what You need and what works the best for you.

Amazing I will definitely look into it those tools Apologize the ignorance What does I can only connect To the master out mean ?

That mean, the effect processor can be plugged in between the prime 4 and the speakers only, not on a single channel like build in effects.