Traktor with SC5000 Non motor

I am considering changing my rider now. Looking to get a SC5000 non motor. My question, is the SC5000 non motor HID ready for Traktor or Serato?


I doubt Traktor HID will ever be implemented considering state of NI after yesterdays news.

It seems NI has ceased writing new software and stopped production of new hardware.

Unless traktor intergration was already 99% complete before NI started losing employees and ceasing all innovation, I’d say we’re down to serato as the main professional dj software.

Good news for Laptop-less performances

Ni is not missing employees, they intentionally fired some people. There is even official NI statement about it online. This is due to new Marketing and development strategy, that was blocked by some people (my gues).

Maybe it will be better, maybe not. Let’s give them time.

For now, I can help with my SC5000 midi mapping, that is fully functional (except the display). I still need more data on how I could implement that, as both Denon and NI are not giving this info. But maybe someone here is hearing me and maybe can give out a bit of knowledge on how hid talks with serato, so I could implement it for Traktor??

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So basically @NoiseRiser you’re missing the “code” per say to access and map the screen for it to “mirror” Traktor’s deck and other information?

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Sort of, I know how the screen is reporting back to windows (didn’t figure out mac yet, but must be similar, just need to dig in to it. Also I need to check how the CDJ 2000nxs2 file system looks in traktor, so I could actually use that info to implement to SC5000/5000M screens to make them run. I know that SC5000 screen needs to get a trigger info (found where it is embeded in the windows when SC5000 is plugged in by usb) from a PC to get out of “Looking for a computer” state. Also I found many other usfull files in Windows, and Traktor, but not all yet, as I sold my CDJ’s long time ago (to buy SC5000’s), so I need to get the decks from my friend when he has some time, so we can troubleshoot the connection. As soon as I will be done with all my regular life stuff, I will focus on that much more, and try to make it work.


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