Traktor to Prime 4, is it worth the move ?

Hello All

First post here. I’ve been using Traktor for the last 10 years and I’m not unhappy with it but I do like the Denon products (last mixer was a Dnx1600). Currently running a S4 (pitch faders are too short for my liking) but really want a Prime 4. How many of you have made the switch and not looked back ? Most forum posts are asking for assistance or reporting bugs and/or faulty gear so I would love to hear some positive stories too.

I’ve not switched from Traktor, but I did buy a Prime 4 and I love it. It’s not been put away since I got it (unlike my other kit).

I was slightly concerned about the screen size compared to a laptop, but have been pleasantly surprised how usable it is. Not gigged with it yet (damn virus) but looking forward to doing so.

Of course the forum looks full of users with problems, but it’s always like that. It’s those users who post. The ones who have no problems don’t need to post about them.

I would recommend it.


I have come from Traktor also. S4 mk3, S4 mk1, S2 mk2 and F1. I really like the prime 4. I think the effects need a bit of work but what I really do like about the effects is you can change the frequency range, full on, highs or lows. Really great to add Phaser or flange just on the high range. I think engine prime 1.5 does a great job at analysing tracks including old skool tracks. House, techno etc is a breeze. Streaming is cool to. Tidal has a lot of music on there and underground dance music too. I tend to research on beatport, traxsource, juno downloads etc and Tidal has most. Only thing it doesn’t have is the exclusives and some of the promos that traxsource tends to have. I have my prime4 on ethernet in my man shed and I really do love it. It’s future proof, sounds way better than Traktor hardware and Imho is more fun to mix on. I love the pitch bend denon classic buttons. Hope that helps.

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I think the only thing I would miss is DVS, I tend to use that a lot and only use the controller side of the S4 when I’m being lazy or mixing a 3rd deck but then the pitch faders annoy me.

You can use DVS with the Prime 4. It has phono inputs and works with Serato, and I assume also with VDJ.

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True, it’s more of a controller then rather than mixed/hybrid and brings the computer back into the mix (pun intended). I’ll have to check out some vid’s with Serato.

The Prime 4 unlocks Serato DJ Pro but the DVS is a $99 paid upgrade.

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It’s good to have options.

I also come from Traktor. I have been using the denon prime sc5000 since March 2018. the changeover took a long time because of the move of crates, playlists, cue points etc. there were no tools to convert the music fromother dj tools, but now there are tools. At the beginning the player firmware was also faulty, but now the workflow with the prime is similarly good as with traktor. So my recommendation is … switch is worth it.