Traktor software problem with MCX8000

Hello to all. I used a Traktor map with MCX8000 and after a few minutes the sound began to grumble until it disappeared.

Grumbling sound is normally due to latency being too low for what the laptop can cope with at that particular time.

Latency figures/setting aren’t something which can be set once, a few minutes after the computer is switched on, and thought of as “set”.

The more tasks that a computer is thinking about, and the current speed of the processor cores all affect latency.

Processors slow themselves down to cool when they detect excess heat - That heat can be a combination of any heat inside the laptop casing e.g.: Graphics card, processor, chipsets and externally; blocked air vents and direct sunlight on the external casing of the laptop for summer daytime parties etc

A slowed down processor would mean that a DJ would need to increase the latency setting in order to allow the computer to keep audio clean.

Thanks!! So should I buy a new macbook or can I modify latency in traktor settings? Which setting is the best?

I’d suggest just getting the computer up to a Middle-of-a-amazing-gig temperature, activate everything that taxes your DJ software, so searching for tracks, applying multiple effects, running some record-my-gig audio software in the background, etc etc and then start adjusting your latency. Start at say 100ms… if audio on that sound fine for a minute, then try dropping it to 50ms… if thats ok for a minute, try 25ms… then try 20ms…15 ms … 10ms … anything under 10ms, if still stable, is quite good.

You can also post this in the native instruments Traktor forum.