Traktor Scratch with DN-X1600


Hi, having issues connecting on traktor. Both versions blah blah blah watched all the vids n read all this. Is there a newer firmware version than 2000? Should I be running at 41 or 96? Should I delete the 64/32 driver and try it on the old traktor? Anything helps the only digital I have going for me is my dns1200s with broken platters and trouble reading mp3 discs. Not saying I can’t record mixes while beat matching through pitch bend I would just love to run my techs dvs. Let me know if there’s anything I can do.


Download Denon Asio driver from this link:- Denon Asio Setup driver and install.

Download traktor from the posted mediafire link above and install.

When prompted at the end, type in your traktor serial number and it will register as full version.

connect your mixer usb cable to your laptop/pc and switch on mixer. double click on denon asio icon on screen, it should show your mixer as now connected. Now open up traktor and click on set up wizard and follow the steps i posted in above comments. It definetley should work.