Traktor scratch certified

Will the Mixer be Traktor scratch certified in the future as the x1600 was ?


Can the lan ports be used for pioneer cdjs also or only for the sc5000 ?

I bet it’s just a lan hub. You can probably use CDJs.

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They call this a hub, meaning its just a multi port repeater vs calling this a switch. If this is truly a hub, then DHCP will be out. Not sure if CDJs need DHCP or not. Calling this out as you can directly link two SC5000 together without the need of DHCP or any external intervention (static IP address or roll over cable), so a hub would be sufficient. If the device is indeed a hub, I don’t think the CDJs will work properly. Just my guess.

One of the first videos online was a Facebook live video on DJTT unpacking and a walkthrough of the X1800 mixer where they connected 2 CDJ’s through the X1800’s hub/switch. They worked without a issue.


Has this question been answered already? I read that it is supposed to work with Traktor in the near future. Can anyone confirm that?

What I read this far is that Traktor and other software aren’t supported right now, and there won’t be scratch certification in the future.

No info on that subject yet. Some things to bear in mind: NI certified a bunch of mixers in the past year or two (A&H PX5, Rane MP2015, 900NXS2…) so it’s not a obstacle.

A&H and Rane probably had to pay a decent sum of money for it, Pioneer not so much because NI has a interest to be present in major club’s DJ booths around the world.

One thing is for sure: you can already use the mixer as sound interface for Traktor if you’re using midi/hid to control Traktor decks and don’t need timecode.

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Do you have a source for that?

Would be hard to believe they’d skip the scratch certification. Pioneer made the same mistake with the NXS2 and the mixer wasn’t adopted by most of the clubs - as DJs rely on that - until they changed it.

Denon, please throw some money at Serato and Native Instruments to make it happen :grinning:

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